Working With Your House Painter

When you’re doing up your new home, you want to make sure that you paint and decorate it the right way so that it becomes the home of your dreams and not just another domicile. There are people who just camp out in their homes while there are those who take the trouble to create a beautiful dwelling. If you plan to stay in your home long term, why not put some thought into decorating it? Working with your house painter is a big part of this process. So here are a few tips:


You need to explain to your house painter exactly what effect you’re trying to capture. Are you going for a spacious look or a cosy one? Do you want to emphasize the view from the window or are you trying to create a colour scheme that matches your artwork? Sometimes, you may find it difficult to express exactly what you want but your house painter is likely to chime in and provide you with the right words. We have a lot of experience with the different expectations that people have from house painting and we’re likely to anticipate your needs.

The Big Picture

You should also explain the big picture to your house painter. Don’t just talk to us about what colours you want on the walls. Go a little further and tell us exactly how you visualize your home. What kind of furniture do you plan to buy? What colour curtains are you planning to hang? What kind of lighting are you going to install? Based on all these details, we can give you a number of good ideas that you may not even have thought of, based on our experience about what colours look good with different interiors.

Staying in the Loop

Once you’ve decided what colours you want to use for your walls, you might leave things up to your house painter. Most of the time, things aren’t likely to go awry. However, if you’ve chosen an unusual colour, you might want to stick around to see if the colour is turning out the way you imagined. It may be a good idea to check out what it looks like after one wall has been painted. This way, if you decide to change the colour, we won’t have to redo all four walls of the room. You’ll be saving time and money.