When you’re building a new home, you spend hours agonising over fixtures and fittings and choosing your paint colours. But have you thought about who’s painting your house and what paint they’re using?

Painting a new home isn’t the same as painting an existing one. And you don’t want a dodgy paint job ruining the look of your new house, or costing you money down the track.

In this post, we’ll discuss the things you need to consider when you’re making decisions about painting your brand new house.

Preparation is key

The biggest difference between painting a new house and an existing house is the surface preparation. With a new house, you’re painting on new plaster and raw timbers. These surfaces need to be treated differently to painting over existing paint. Appropriate sealers are needed to ensure your paint adheres and lasts the wear and tear of everyday life (particularly important in our hot Perth climate).

When you’re choosing your painter, ask them what preparation steps they take for a new home. And what products they use, and why. Make sure you’re comfortable they can deliver you a paint job that will last.

diy painting right for you

Is diy painting right for you?

Is DIY painting right for you?

While you can save money by painting your new home yourself, if it’s not done right you could be paying more to repaint sooner than you think.

Because you’re painting on new walls, you’ll need more paint than most paint calculators will advise. As well as the equipment, tools, materials and safety gear necessary for such a large job. All the extra bits and pieces can add up quickly.

You’ll also need to consider the time it will take to prepare, prime and paint your walls. Will the money saved be worth the significant amount of time (and frustration) you’ll spend?

If you do decide to DIY the painting of your new house, we recommend you use Dulux products for the most professional finish possible.

Should you use your builder’s painter or hire your own?

Most people who build a new home just use the builder’s painter to paint their walls. But this isn’t always the best way to go.

To help you decide if you want to go with the builder’s painter or engage your own, here are a few things to consider.

Value for money

In some cases, builders can put a substantial mark-up on the painter’s cost, and you’re the one who pays it. When you’re comparing the price of a builder’s painter, be sure to check the details. Is their preparation thorough? Are they using the right quality products? Will they fix any issues quickly, or will they already be on the next builder’s job?

Quality of products

Find out what products your builder’s painter uses and check reviews to see if they’re the right quality for you. You don’t want just any products used in your new home. You want products that give a professional, hard-wearing and long-lasting finish as Dulux products do.

Direct communication

When you use the builder’s painter, you’ll probably never actually meet the people painting your house. If there’s a problem, you’ll have to go through your builder who may not want to call their painter back off another job. If you choose your own painter, you can have direct communication about everything from colour selections to checking the final quality and finish. Many master painters will also offer a professional colour consultation as part of their service.

Experience and warranties

Be sure to find out what kind of experience your builder’s painter has and what warranties or guarantees they offer. We always recommend you use a Dulux Accredited Painter (like us at Perth Premier Painting Contractors) because you can rest easy knowing that:

  • They’ve been carefully selected by Dulux because of their experience and skills
  • They can offer their own 5 Year Workmanship Warranty (ask to see this)
  • They are professional, reliable and focused on customer satisfaction
  • They use quality Dulux products for a professional, long-lasting finish

If you’re comfortable that your builder’s painter is offering the quality and value you need, you should use them. But if you’re left feeling a little uncertain, speak to us at Perth Premier, or to your local Dulux Accredited Painter for more help in deciding which way you’d like to go.

Painters warranty

Perth Premier Painting Contractors are members of Master Painters Australia

Our advice to you

  • Carefully consider the pros and cons of DIY painting before making your decision
  • Always get a quote from a professional painter and compare the price and quality against that of your builder’s painter
  • Research and check the reviews of the painters you’re considering
  • Use a Dulux Accredited Painter for experience, quality and a 5 Year Workmanship Warranty
  • If you use your own painter, make sure they’re comfortable liaising with your builder to organise scheduling
  • Don’t skimp on painting; it plays a significant role in the quality, value and enjoyment of your brand new home

Need more advice?

We hope this information has helped you in making an informed decision about painting your new home. If you’d like to ask any questions, feel free to contact us at Perth Premier Painting Contractors on (08) 6263 4483. Good luck with the build!