Got the winter blues?

If you’re feeling a bit flat and your energy is draining away with the rainwater, you might want to consider an alternative remedy: a fresh look for your interiors.

We know that colours can change our mood, so this winter why not try to lighten your mood  by lightening your house or workplace? Happy yellows, fresh greens and clean whites can all  bolster your spirits. To beat the winter blues however, Perth Premier suggest heading toward the trending blue paint colours of this winter.

Get inspired with our choice of winter paint colours : Dulux Classic Calm, Dulux Mauve Grey and Dulux Odyssey are bang on trend and can make a room feel elegant and fresh.

Alternatively you could fight the winter blues with blues of different shades. According to studies, blues can boost our creativity levels, so why not add a little inspiration to the walls of your studio or classroom. A duck egg blue can be soothing as well as inspire your creativity, and navies or royal blues can be bold choices inside. Dulux Odyssey, a deep-sea blue is a step away from the lights and brights that might lift your mood, but coupled with a mauve or deep purple the effect can be one of luxury.  Team these colours with dusky pink accessories for the finishing touch.  We spend more time indoors in winter, a perfect excuse to pamper your place.

Winter paint colour

If you think a fully blue room is a little too far, you could try a feature wall, or even matching clean crisp white walls with some pops of blue in the furnishings – don’t let your creativity stop at the walls. Feature wallpaper is another great choice to energize a room. For a cosy winter feel, why not try a check pattern wall in blues and greys, painting the remaining walls in a complimentary colour.

Winter decorating colours

Perth Premier Painting Contractors will help you find a colour to best suit your particular needs, and then perform an excellent job at an affordable price.

Beat the blues this winter, get a quote today.