So many choices, what’s in and what’s dated? We want our clients to get it right first time when deciding on colour, so we’ve put together this years trending paint colours that we’ve seen working so far this year.

Think Heritage  Colours For 2021

For this years trending paint colours, we’re seeing soft sophisticated neutrals and earthy tones everywhere – from soft furnishings to commercial interiors – and now in homes across Perth. This shift from clean, glossy colours to softer elegant shades is giving a nod to the Heritage home look in Perth.

Soft whites and dusty nudes paired with unexpected colour combinations of lilacs, roses and sophisticated greenish greys offer an easy to live with colour palette. Despite the pink hues, these milky shades are less feminine and pastel, and more delicate unruffled refinement. Glossy pops of colour from previous years begin to look garish in comparison.

Look for Dulux’s ‘Integrity’, ‘Coconut Husk’,‘Deep Hydrangea’, ‘Terra Rose’, Treeless’ and ‘Daintree’.


This Years Popular Whites And Cream Paint Colours

Whites and creams are colours often taken for granted, but it needn’t be the nervous way out. In 2021 white is a trend in itself. A clean white palette can be a bold choice for a room as long as you understand undertones. Perth Premier Painting Contractors can help you find the perfect shade for your space.

Our picks are Dulux’s ‘Antique White USA'(our personal favourite!), ‘Buff It’, ‘Lexicon Quarter’, ‘Beige Mystery’, ‘White Duck Half’ and ‘Dieskau’


Remember that from room to room and in different lights, colour will change on your walls. For a sunny room try a white with greys or blues in the undertone. These cool whites will absorb bright light and give the space a chic minimalistic feel. Warmer whites with undertones of yellow or brown are earthier. They’re best for rooms with more natural furnishings, softer edges and textured materials.

Go Bold With Trending Colours In 2021

Next we can have a look at the brave and the bold! Black is a an adventurous interior colour choice this year, that most will shy away from.  While black is not suitable for every space, much like a neutral it sits well with most colours and materials like timber, bricks and concrete. Dulux’s ‘Domino’ is an almost black, that gives an element of moodiness to intimate spaces.

An alternative is to pair charcoal greys or the darkest of teals with more neutral colours and textures, even lilacs, accomplishing a classy, understated look.

Other options from Dulux are ‘Klavier’, ‘Flamboyant Plum’, ‘Forest Blues’, ‘Inky Storm’ and ‘Raku’.


Mindful Colour Palette In 2021

And finally….after the year that was 2020, why not bring some serene colours into your Perth home in 2021!

Taking inspiration from our beautiful Perth hills and coastline, these calming colours mimic the shift towards wellbeing and mindfulness in everyday 2021 Australia.

Popular in the Dulux range are ‘Shore Water’, ‘Classic Calm’, ‘Squirt’, ‘Eucalytus Leaf’, ‘Deep Bamboo’ and ‘Sandy Day’

Let Us Help You Decide

Still not made your mind up? Why not put the decision in the hands of our fantastic Perth colour consultant and interior designer!

This is a free service which we offer on all of our jobs, with many of our clients benefitting from the expert advice and recommendations provided.

Finally, we hope this has given you some inspiration to colour your world in 2021!