Psychology, Colours and Your Restaurant: How A Painter In Perth Helps!

Believe it or not, a restaurant’s interior and exterior colours can leave a lasting impression on a diner’s psychology.

Colour psychology is an actual science, and its objective is to find and explain the connection between different colours and the psychology of people. Certain colours can affect ones mood and perception of a person’s surroundings can actually help you, the restaurant owner, sell more food and increase your revenue.

Here at Perth Premier Painting, we are firm believers in the power of colour and how it can have a positive effect on your restaurants clientele behaviorism!

Which colour to choose for your business?

Here are some of the underlying reactions people may experience while dining in your Perth restaurant when exposed to certain colours and hues.

Dark, Warm Colours

Dark and warm colours are used to make dining rooms and certain parts of a restaurant feel more cosy. This is because dark, warm colours tend to advance towards the eyes and make a room feel tighter than it actually is. But be warned, stray into territory that is too dark and it can get oppressive and unappealing to a customer very quick.

Light, Cool Colours

On the opposite end of the colour spectrum, light and cool colours promote a sense of airiness and openness. This is because they actually recede from the eyes, as opposed to advance. Trying to make a compact room feel larger than it actually is? A light, cool colour might be for you.

Primary Colours

Primary colours: such as red, blue and yellow, give off a feeling of speed and a sense of urgency. It is believed that placing too much of a bold, primary colour in the main dining room where most of your customers will be ordering and eating their food, is a big no-no. This is because bold colours give off the feeling that meals should be short and swift, which wouldn’t be a bad thing if you own a restaurant that has month long reservation list’s.

Other Colours

Black:There are two sides to using black for a restaurant in Perth. The colour can be used to promote class and give an authoritative sense to diners, but on the other hand, some people automatically associate the colour with dark and dingy.

Green: When people think of the colour green, they think of Earth and all things natural and organic. Depending on the shade, green can be calm, cooling, soothing to your customers.

Red: Red is one of the most eye grabbing colours, making it very commonplace to be used within restaurants. One of the reasons the colour is so popular with restaurant owner’s is that red is an appetite stimulant. It also promotes a feeling of warmth, passion, and excitement.


Another factor is lighting! What type of lighting do you have? Wall lights, downlights, table lights all impact the colours and atmoshphere differently. You should definitely take this into account when choosing colours.

How Perth Premier Painting can help

We are firm believers in the power and psychology of colours and how it can have a positive effect on your cafe or restaurant vibe! At Perth Premier Painting, as part of our service, we provide a free colour consultation with a fantastic Perth colour consultant. Whether it’s a new look for the exterior street appeal of your restaurant or ideas for the interior atmosphere, we can help!

We’ve also narrowed down our top painting colours to choose from: