Your Home – Interior Painting and Decorating Perth

The interior design of your home is important, not just because it helps you to make a good impression on guests but also because it makes you feel more at home. Painters and decorators will tell you that it’s important to decorate your home in such a way that it reflects your personality. Your home is an extension of you, like your clothes and your taste in books and music. It’s not just a place to stay. So consider the following interior painting and decorating tips to express who you are through your home.

Introduce Your Favourite Colours

Your home should contain colours that you like. If your favourite colour is blue, you might want to paint your walls a lighter shade of this colour. If your favourite colour is purple, you might want to paint your walls lilac. Or you can paint your walls a neutral cream or ivory and go with furniture and artwork in the colours you like. Just keep in mind that your favourite colours with regard to your surroundings might be different than your favourite colours in clothes or artwork. You can wear a lot of black but it’s difficult to introduce this colour in your home, especially on the walls. You can get furniture in black but be sure not to overdo it or your space might become gloomy-looking.

Introduce Your Favourite Artists

If you love certain artists like Monet, Cézanne or Matisse, you might want to get a print of one of their works, frame it and put it on your walls. Whenever you get artwork, think about whether it speaks to you and whether you think it will fit on your walls. If the colours are completely different from the ones you have in your home, you might want to think twice, unless you think that it would form an interesting contrast.

Show Off Your Taste in Books, Movies Etc

Your home is your temple and you want to surround yourself with the things that you like. If you have a large collection of books, make sure that they are nicely displayed on bookshelves. You can alternate your book display with your collection of knick-knacks or sculptures. If you’re fond of old movies, why not put up some retro-looking posters? If you love flowers, try to have a fresh arrangement in your home everyday. This way, you can be comfortable and show people who visit you that you’re proud of your taste.