When people are looking for their next property, street appeal matters. How your house looks from the outside could mean the difference between buyers attending your open or just driving past. Cheryl Oprandi, Real Estate Consultant and Auctioneer from Sell Lease Property and Oprandi Projects says, ‘Unpainted gutters and stained eves can reduce a sale price by $20,000. When selling, a little investment in painting and sprucing street appeal will provide a better sale price, reduce the time on the market and encourage more buyers through home opens.’When it comes to Perth property value, first impressions count. In this post, we’ll tell you three ways you can improve the street appeal of your home to maximise your sale price.


Landscaping is a great way to improve your street appeal. According to the 2011 Husqvarna Global Garden Report an attractive garden has the power to influence buyers. Their study showed that a well-maintained garden could add 12% to the property value. And that a neglected garden could reduce the value by up to 15%.

Here are a few things to consider when preparing your front yard for sale:

  • Tidy up and clear rubbish, debris and overgrown foliage
  • Make sure your lawn is luscious, green and freshly mowed
  • Pull out the weeds and put down fresh mulch
  • Add pops of colour with flowering shrubs


A well-maintained tree creates a wonderful entry statement and adds to the overall ‘leafiness’ of your street. But a tree that’s in bad condition or at risk of causing damage will devalue your property quick smart. If you need help tidying up a tired-looking tree or removing a dodgy one, we recommend the team at Swift Trees. They’re professional, friendly and experienced.

Modern desert landscapes

Desert-inspired designs are both stylish and practical, especially in our hot Western Australian summers. They particularly suit modern homes and create a textured look. Get this look using elements such as gravel, low shrubbery and dramatic desert plant varieties.

Increase property value with a desert-inspired landscape

Desert-inspired yards are stylish and practical

Native lawns

When water is scarce, it’s hard to maintain a manicured lawn. Native grasses offer an alternative that’s better suited to the Perth climate. As a bonus, most native grasses are low maintenance. Consult your local garden centre for more information on native grasses.

Driveways and paths

To make your home feel welcoming, you need to make sure your driveways and paths are inviting.

Here are a few things to consider when preparing your driveways and paths for sale:

  • Clean up any oil, moss or other slippery surfaces
  • Get rid of weeds in paving joints
  • Sweep up and keep the area free of leaves and debris
  • Repair cracks and replace broken pavers

Mix materials and textures

Combining sleek slate tiles with earthy-toned gravels creates a stylish welcome for your potential buyers. Or adding a paved border around a standard concrete path can give an old front path a new lease on life.

Aggregate pavers

Exposed aggregate concrete can be used on driveways and paths for a striking look. Here in Perth, we think Freo Stone Paving has a beautiful range of Western Australian Quartz aggregate in various shapes and colours.

Aggregate pavers for a modern driveway

Aggregate pavers provide a striking, modern look for your driveway

Concrete resurfacing

Resurfacing your existing concrete driveway is a cost-effective way to refresh a tired and drab entry point. You can choose a single colour or a variety of patterns like brick herringbone, cobblestones or tiles.


Painting the exterior of your home is the best way to turn your tired, dated look into the sought-after style that buyers want. With painting, the preparation is key for a house that oozes quality.

Here are a few things to consider preparing your painted surfaces for sale:

  • Don’t go radical with the colour scheme (you need to attract a wide audience)
  • Use the right products for a finish that appeals to high-end buyers
  • Don’t forget the eves, balustrades, window frames and fences
  • For safety and quality, it’s best to leave painting to a professional

A pre-sale facelift

We recently helped a local Perth client with a pre-sale facelift for their home. Unfortunately, the house had badly cracked render, so it was a good thing they came to a professional painter. We repaired the cracks and applied Dulux AcraTex elastomeric to make the walls look new.

Colour consultants

When you’re painting for sale, it’s important to select a colour scheme that will attract the high-end buyers. The best way to do this is to engage the services of a colour consultant who knows all the latest trends. We know how important this is, so all PPPC clients receive a FREE session with our qualified colour consultant. That way they can make their colour choices with complete confidence.

Ready to improve your street appeal?

We hope these ideas have helped you as you get ready to prepare your home for the market. Good luck with the sale!