We all know that a fresh paint job can make your house look shiny and new, but sprucing up your exterior paint doesn’t just look good, it protects your most important asset. As highly experienced house painters in Perth, we’re here to give you advice about how exterior paint protects and improves your home.

Whether you’re covering a drab brick façade with a sleek rendered surface, restoring a heritage home with traditional colours or protecting a coastal weatherboard cottage, your choice of exterior paints and qualified painters can make all the difference.

In this post, we’ll tell you how exterior paint protects and improves your home.

Exterior paint protects your most important asset

From the harsh summer sun to howling coastal wind and saltwater spray, houses in Perth face extreme climate conditions year-round. Luckily, a professional paint job will protect the exterior surfaces of your home.

By combining expert preparation with premium hardwearing paint, the team at Perth Premier Painting Contractors can protect your house from the effects of Western Australia’s unforgiving weather.

Bad preparation can lead to costly problems

Correct preparation of exterior surfaces can mean the difference between a finish that will last up to 10 years or a finish that needs repainting in less than 12 months.

Different exterior surfaces need difference preparation. So it’s essential your painter knows how to correctly prepare your surface whether it’s timber, concrete, brick or weatherboard. Your painter needs to consider if the existing exterior can be painted over, or should be stripped back before repainting.

To ensure a smooth even finish, your painter needs to know how to keep a wet edge, which can be difficult in Perth’s hot weather. If this process is not completed correctly your home could end up with an unsightly, uneven surface.

If the surfaces aren’t prepared properly, or the wrong type of paints are used, the paint can peel, exposing your exterior surfaces to the weather and requiring repainting far sooner than you’d hoped.

Exterior render repaired house

What paint is the best exterior paint?

When you’re painting your exterior surface, a hardwearing paint will give long-lasting protection. We use and recommend the range of Dulux exterior paints like Weathershield because they’ve never let us, or our clients, down.

For rendered walls, Dulux AcraTex AcraShield is an excellent choice. It comes in the full range of Dulux colours in either a matt or low gloss finish. Its flexible finish gives a paint-like appearance, resists dirt and improves surface washability.

Exterior paint colours matter

Your exterior colour scheme is the most important colour scheme in your home. It creates a first impression for visitors and impacts your overall street appeal. Whether you want your home to be traditional, modern, quirky or understated, your exterior colour scheme will determine the personality of your home.

If you need help choosing the colours for your exterior house paint, check out our previous exterior painting projects.

As a client of Perth Premier Painting Contractors, you’ll get a FREE colour consultation with one of our professional Dulux colour consultants.

Restoring the exterior paintwork at the Bathurst Lighthouse Keeper’s Cottage on Rottnest Island

Exterior Heritage Home paintwork

Need more advice?

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