There’s a world of difference between a do-it-yourself one-room home improvement project and the painting of a hotel, restaurant, apartment complex or public office. You might be able to deftly manage the weekend recolouring of your kitchen walls, but don’t think for a minute that painting a big commercial space is the same thing. If you are tasked with a sizable painting project, it would be in your best interest to call on a commercial painter in Perth.

Professional Perth painting companies like Perth Premier Painting Contractors have the skills, tools and expertise to handle of every aspect of a big commercial painting project. You may look upon the painting of a restaurant or office building as a monumental undertaking; to Perth Premier Painting Contractors, jobs like that are all in a day’s work.

There is a lot of labour associated with a typical painting project. Things like scraping off old paint, repairing defects in walls and prepping surfaces to accept fresh paint are time-consuming and tedious. Choosing the proper in the right colour is of primary importance, and it is imperative that the paint be applied perfectly. It’s hard enough when only one room needs painting; multiply that effort exponentially, and you’ll have a general idea of the work that’s required to successfully refinish a large commercial space.

Any way you look at it, commercial and industrial painting projects are beyond the capability of most weekend handymen and small-time contractors. We’ve been doing wonderful things with walls of all sizes for decades and have a portfolio of commercial projects to prove it.

If you own a restaurant, hotel, business office, church, school or industrial building, give us a call so we can have a friendly chat about your painting requirements. No pressure, no worries. We won’t hard-sell you because our past work can speak for itself. When you’re ready to know more about commercial painting in Perth, contact us right away.