While hiring commercial painters takes much of the effort out of repainting your home, it doesn’t relieve the stress of picking the right colour. If you are thinking of repainting a room or your entire home, it is important that you make this decision carefully. Here are a few tips and tricks for picking the best paint colour for your project.

Consider the Mood of the Room

When selecting a colour, it is important to consider the desired mood of the room. The paint of the room sets the ambiance and determines the “feel” of the room. Bright colours are stimulating, deep colours create drama, and light colours make the room seem more tranquil. Before choosing a colour, it is important to consider the effect that you would like it to have on the room.

Find the Right Shade

Once you have decided which colour you would like, finding the right shade of that colour might be tricky. Hues, values, and saturations all factor in to selecting the right colour for a wall, room, or home. Hue is the colour, itself, while the value is the brightness of the colour, and the saturation is how vivid a colour is. It is important to decide which specific shade of paint is right for you, as there is a world of difference even between shades of the same colour.

Consider Lighting Sources

When selecting a colour shade, it is also important to consider the lighting sources that are most likely to affect the paint. A single shade can take on a multitude of appearances in different lights, which you may have noticed in everyday items such as clothing–this is amplified when you purchase a colour under incandescent lights, only to find it look entirely different in the natural light of your windows. Paint stores generally include light boxes so that customers can preview what paint will look like in natural, incandescent, and fluorescent lights. Be sure to consider which light is most likely to be used in each room and use these boxes to preview what the exact shade the final product will resemble.

Consider the Colour Wheel

Once you have selected your main shade, it is time to choose accent colours. While one can rarely go wrong with a classic white trim, home décor artists might opt for something a little bolder. By considering complementary colours, one can add a bit of flare to any room.

With these steps taken, you are ready for your home makeover. In order to be sure that your dream home turns out exactly how you wanted it, it is best to hire professional painters to get the job done. If you live in the Perth area and are looking for professional painters, contact us today.