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Comparing Painting Quotes And Cost Of Painting in Perth

We are transparent with our cost of painting in Perth and what’s behind the numbers. Painting quotes in Perth may differ significantly from one company to the next, and many factors influence the price. At Perth Premier Painting Contractors, we value honesty and therefore are transparent in our prices. So, what’s in the price, and how can you ensure that you get the best value for your money for painters in Perth?

Square metres and hours

Most cost of painting price calculations are based on square metres. Let us assume that you are comparing four price quotations for your living room walls and ceiling. Suppose you notice great variations in the number of square metres? It pays to take a tape measure and confirm the room’s exact size.

The hourly wage may vary much as well. Beginner painters may be highly talented, but still need to gain experience and build a client base. They will start modestly, which can be to your advantage. In other cases, sadly, cheap may be a synonym for bad. Testimonials can help a lot here.

Product cost

Some paint types will cost less but require two layers instead of just one. Colour can also influence the cost of painting in Perth. Is the surface to be painted still new? Then it should be prepared with a primer, which you should find in the various painting quotes for your Perth residence. Cleaning of the surface prior to painting may be included in the price offer too.

More extras which influence the painting quotes in Perth

Local painters can offer more advantageous prices since a lower callout fee is involved. Are you living in an area that is problematic to reach, or in Perth’s city centre?
While one painter will make do with a sturdy ladder, another may consider scaffolding indispensable.
The guarantee and ease of mind involved with good painting quotes in Perth influences the price. You can usually find the guarantee conditions in a separate document.

Interior House Painting Cost

Unsure of how much your interior house painting cost will be? Perth Premier Painting will provide you with a free quote from our team of professional interior painters! To get the most accurate of the cost of painting in Perth, we will need to have a full understanding of:

  • The square metres being painted
  • Type of paint and coatings desired
  • How many rooms and surfaces require painting
  • The current state of the interior and how much sanding or mould removal is needed

Painting Maintenance Program Perth

Perth Premier Painting provides maintenance programme painters in Perth to schedule regular inspections of your property. Regular maintenance saves you money, time and lengthy delays. Poorly maintained buildings cost their owners more in repairs. while our painting maintenance program will look for cracks, mould, water penetration, rusting and many more common problems. 

For more information regarding our painting maintenance programs, please contact us today!

Are you still in doubt? Ask us what you’d like to see explained. We’re happy to give you our advice, and it’s 100% free.

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