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If you have been looking into different ways on how you can keep your staff motivated and increase productivity, without using the obvious methods, then you may be interested in how changing the colours in office and commercial spaces can help. We’ll discuss how a commercial painter in Perth can help increase productivity.

Different colours and shades have different effects on people, from producing an environment that is full of energy, to having spaces that are calming and inspiring, painting your commercial building can help inspire a change of pace, whether it be for:

Which Colours Can Increase Productivity

This is a dilemma of many bosses across the country, how do you increase productivity without decreasing staff morale. There has been much research done when it comes to colour therapy, these colours used in certain spaces throughout a commercial building may just help increase productivity without staff even realising.

Blue – Blue is well known for its effects to both produce a feeling of calm and focus. When employees are calm they tend to be able to pay attention to what they are doing without as many distractions. Using blues in subtle tones can work best, going too dark, however, may make those in the building feel walls are closing in on them and make a space gloomy.

Red – If you are looking to ramp up the energy in a space and glean new ideas from your staff, red may well be the best choice. It is an especially good choice for meeting rooms where you hope to bring energy and brainstorming. White – If you currently have a space that seems to be cramped and gloomy, a nice light neutral white tone can make a space seem larger and bring a sense of positive well being, however at times it can also feel sterile. When painting walls white it is a good idea to have coloured accents throughout the space.

Green – If you have a space that tends to leave staff feeling frantic and rushed, this can reduce productivity. Green is a great colour to help calm moods and relax people. Green is symbolic of nature and the outdoors and this can help calm peoples nerves, leaving them more focused.

If you are looking at having your commercial building painted, choosing a Commercial painter in Perth can be your best option. A professional painter will minimize interruptions to your workplace, give you a paint job that leaves spaces feeling brand new, and will clean up after themselves, so that all you are left with is a fresh looking space. As Dulux Accredited Painter, Perth Premier Painting Contractors can help you increase productivity in your commercial workspace, contact us today and request a quote for all of your painting needs. See how our painting services in Perth can help you!

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