Hotel Painters Perth

When it’s time to freshen up your hotel, the easiest part is arranging for a commercial painter in Perth to paint the establishment. That aspect simply entails hiring hotel painters in Perth. The harder part is deciding on a colour scheme for your new paint job. Which one will be best depends on the size and feel of the hotel, but in most cases, it’s good to stick with a few general rules. What Colours Should Your Perth Painter Choose for Your Hotel?

Paint Rooms in Light, Neutral Tones

Dark colours can look exciting, but that’s a problem in areas where people are trying to sleep. Light, neutral colours allow for the relaxation needed for the good rest that guests are looking for. Neutral tones are also the most likely to be accepted by all guests. Someone may be put off by blue or pink, but hardly anyone says that about creamy colours.

Accent the Room with Other Colours

A room that’s painted in only one colour is often seen as boring. Have the painters spice it up a bit with a darker band near the ceiling or floor. Dark green or blue works well as long as the shade isn’t overly bright. Since there’s only a small amount of these colours in such designs, they’ll be well-tolerated even by guests who would normally prefer different shades.

Show Some Personality in the Lobby and Restaurant Areas

The lobby, restaurant, and other common areas are where a hotel’s personality can really get to shine. Here, go ahead and use bolder colours that will make the establishment unique. Be careful, though – the colours still need to go well together to make the right impression. It can be a good idea to ask for the advice of an interior designer for these aspects of the job.

Remember the Furnishings

Any interior area looks best when the paint works well with the colours and designs of the room’s other elements. If you’re not replacing the furniture and carpeting, you should choose paint colours that match or complement them. This will tie everything together so it looks like the spaces were professionally designed rather than just painted haphazardly.

By keeping these tips in mind, you’ll have a great chance of obtaining the perfect results from your hotel renovation project. Just contact Perth Premier Painting Contractors for more advice or to arrange for us to come and paint your establishment. We provide complimentary Dulux Colour Consultants in Perth.


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