How professional painters can save you time, stress and money

Can Professional Painters Save You Time, Stress and Money? When you’re painting your home, is it best to use a professional painter or DIY? While doing it yourself can save you money in the short term, it can also cost a lot if you don’t get it right. Then there’s the significant amount of time and stress involved in DIY painting. With all things considered, we think it’s clear that using professional painters can save you time, stress and money. Read on to find out how.

Professional painters: saving you time

People almost always underestimate how long it takes to DIY paint their house. Aside from the hours and hours in researching techniques (the YouTube vortex), you’ll spend countless weekends scouring hardware and paint stores to get the tools and products you need (and hopefully they’re the right ones).

Then there’s getting everything ready, and moving the furniture, and preparing, sanding, priming and taping your surfaces (this will take you way longer than you think). Finally comes the actual painting part of DIY painting. You’ll start with cutting in corners, doorways and other join lines. Followed by multiple coats of paint on all walls, ceilings, cornices, skirting boards, doors, door frames, window frames, and air-conditioning vents). Plus, the waiting on drying time in between coats.

There’s a lot to do, and it takes a lot of time.

(Oh, and don’t forget cleaning up the brushes, safely disposing of unused paint, packing away the drop sheets and moving the furniture back into place.)

When you leave the painting to the professionals like our team at Perth Premier Painting Contractors, you’ll save yourself so much time.

Even though we still need to do all those things, we can do it much, much quicker. Because we know the techniques (we don’t need YouTube, we’re already experts). And we have all the professional tools and equipment we need to paint every part of your house. And we’re trained to flawlessly paint your home in an efficient and minimal timeframe.

So, if you want to save your precious time for the things you’d rather do, it’s best to hire a professional painter and ditch the DIY.

Professional painters: saving you stress

Unless your idea of a relaxing weekend (or four) is battling the hardware store crowds, or trying to work out what kind of primer goes where, or breaking your back dragging an unruly paint roller across a ceiling, you might want to consider leaving the stress of painting your house to a professional.

For most people, the process of trying to choose the right materials, tools and paints, combined with the frustration of ending up with a streaky, patchy and paint drip-covered surface, is enough to send the stress levels sky high. Save yourself the stress (and possible divorce) by engaging a professional paint team to do it for you.

With a professional service, you’ll be leaving all those hard decisions and difficult techniques to highly-trained and experienced experts. And for us, it’s not hard at all. It’s what we’re trained to do, and we do it every day.

Let us take the stress off your hands, so you can get on with your everyday life. We’ll arrive early and leave your home tidy each day. And when the job is complete, we’ll move everything back to where it was. With a professional paint team like Perth Premier Painting Contractors, the only thing you’ll need to worry about is picking your colour scheme. (And don’t worry, we offer a FREE colour consultation to take the stress out of that too.)

Professional painter Perth

Professional painters: saving you money

Using a professional painter is more expensive than DIY… if everything goes right. If you pick the right tools and products and don’t waste your money on things you don’t need. Or worse, waste your money on products that ruin your finish, costing you more money to get it fixed.

We’ve seen too many cases of people like you who’ve needed professional painters like us to fix DIY jobs gone wrong.

We’ve had commercial clients who’ve used in-house handymen to patch up paintwork here and there. And then they’ve called us in to redo it when they realise how ‘patching up’ paint looks, well… patchy.

And we’ve come to the rescue when clients haven’t known how to prepare their surfaces correctly or which paints and products to use, so their paint has started peeling and lifting within weeks.

When DIY goes wrong it can cost you a lot. If you need to call in a professional to repair a DIY disaster, you’ll often end up spending far more money in the long run.

You wouldn’t DIY paint your car, so why DIY paint your house? It’s probably your biggest asset and you want to ensure when you invest in renovating and repainting, you make a wise investment.

When you engage professional painters like our team at Perth Premier Painting Contractors, you know your money is being spent wisely because we deliver a flawless finish, first time, every time and we back it up with our five-year painter’s workmanship warranty.

Want to know more about working with a professional painter?

There’s certainly a time and place for DIY painting, but is it your time and your home? If you want a professional finish, it’s best to use a professional painter.

At Perth Premier Painting Contractors, we pride ourselves on our professional and high-quality service that is guaranteed. If you’re trying to decide between DIY or hiring a professional, call us for a no-obligation chat. We’ll discuss the pros and cons and give you guidance on your situation. We’re ready to talk today on (08) 6263 4483.