Are you looking for inspiration to refresh your home or business with a new coat of paint? As leading painters in Perth, we’re here to share our top seven trending paint colours for 2024 – with the help of our friends at Dulux, of course!

Whether you want to create a natural, warm space or a timeless and contemporary one, choosing the right paint palette is no easy task with so many colour choices out there. So, let’s dive into our top picks from popular paint colours emerging in 2024.

1. Calm Coastal Vibes for Your Dining Room Paint Palette With Ocean Surf

Dulux Ocean Surf trending paint colour 2024

Bring a sense of freshness and calm to your space in the new year with this stunning pale blue, Ocean Surf. Inspired by the Mediterranean and desert influences, Ocean Surf beautifully reflects the Australian outback and the African savannah. Ocean Surf is a versatile colour that can be used as a feature wall, a curved wall, or a ceiling. It matches nicely with neutral colours such as Handmade Linen Half (seen above on walls and trim) and warm colours such as Jodhpurs and Lama.

2. Brighten Up Your Bedroom Paint Colour Palette with Jodhpurs

Dulux Jodhpurs trending paint colour 2024

Evoke joy and optimism in your home with Jodhpurs: a desert-inspired, muted, creamy yellow. This hue is perfect for creating a cosy and inviting sanctuary in your bedroom or a cheerful, welcoming entryway. Compliment Jodhpurs by pairing with warm whites, beige and grey tones, and patterns such as checks, fringing, and embroidery.

3. Lama Delivers a Fresh Neutral Paint Colour for Living Spaces

Dulux Lama trending paint colour 2024

Mover over eggshell; there’s a new colour on the neutral block! Lama is a sandy neutral that adds interest and warmth to any room without being overwhelming. It’s ideal for open-plan living, especially when combined with a crisp white for an exciting highlight on the ceiling. Lama also works well with warm, reddish-brown shades on furnishings and cabinetry, such as Potter’s Pink, and soft blue accents on cushions, rugs, artwork and sculptural vessels.

4. Transform Your Bedroom Paint Colour in Style with Bruised Burgundy

Dulux Bruised Burgundy trending paint colour 2024

If you’re looking for a colour that combines bohemian and eclectic charm, Bruised Burgundy is a perfect choice. This striking paint colour adds a touch of sophistication to your main bedroom and formal spaces. It pairs beautifully with heavy patterns and textures, creating a stunning visual effect. You can also enhance the overall aesthetic of your space by pairing it with a subtle, neutral pink or a crisp white.

5. Embrace Soft Statement Colours in Entryways with Pure Blue

Dulux Pure Blue trending paint colour 2024

Pure Blue is a bright, soft blue that makes a statement in your space. A modern and contemporary colour, this is perfect for creating a focal point, a contrast, or a pop of colour. Pure Blue works well with white, grey and black tones and metallic accents such as gold, silver and copper.

6. Choose Potter’s Pink for Versatile Colour Contrast in Living Rooms

Add depth and sophistication to your space with this stunning reddish-brown hue, Potter’s Pink. An excellent choice for adding contrast and character to your walls (as seen above), cabinetry, furniture or accessories, Potter’s Pink complements Lama and Jodhpurs and other warm colours such as browns, oranges and pale yellows. Potter’s Pink can also be balanced with cool-toned shades such as Ocean Surf and Pure Blue for some stunning contrast.

7. Pantone®️’s 2024 Paint Colour of the Year is Peach Fuzz

Pantone®️ Peach Fuzz trending paint colour 2024

Pantone’s pick for 2024’s leading colour is Peach Fuzz, and we’re all about it! Aptly named for its calming and cosy feel, Peach Fuzz is a radiant, warm, modern colour leading the way in atypical paint colour trends. So embrace the warmth and invite that comfy, fuzzy feeling into your home with some help from Peach Fuzz!

Leave it to our Perth Painters!

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