Increase Your Rental Property’s Appeal Today

Here are four key areas to improve your rental property. They’re simple, inexpensive and will make your place more attractive to potential tenants.

First Impressions Matter !

The gate, the letterbox, the doorstep and most importantly the front door all make up the first impressions of a home. You want people walking into your property with a great  feeling. An easy way to achieve this is a fresh coat of paint on a tired looking door or  doorstep. A bold red door, or a beautifully shined doorknob on a white door can make  all the difference.

Let The Washroom Shine

Unlike homeowners, the kitchen isn’t the drawcard for potential renters. Bathrooms and laundry areas are where you should spend your money and time. A simple paint job in here plus a decent scrub and shine of all your appliances to get them looking as new as possible could increase your rental income immeasurably.

Fire Up The Barbie

Rentals in Perth are as much about outdoor living as indoor. Make sure you spruce up the back yard by pulling weeds, setting out an area for weekend BBQs and generally keeping the section well maintained. If you have flaking on the exterior of your house, you may want to consider painting while you don’t have tenants.

Rental Property Painting Perth

Getting Them In

It’s important to create demand for your rental property if you want to achieve the best income. A simple way to do this is to show tenants through the property all on the same day. Your enthusiasm wont have waned for the 20th viewer, and giving everyone an application form as they enter will not only help you remember names of potential tenants, but potentially start a bidding war for the lease.

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Perth Premier Painting Contractors understand that the longer you spend renovating your rental, the longer you are without that income. So whether you need to repaint the entire place or simply touch up a few key areas, we can help. Call us or contact us through the website to see how quickly we can get the job finished for you.

Remember property owners may also be able to claim rental painting or maintenance to their properties as a tax deduction. For more information visit