Tips For Office Painting

Commercial venues present a wealth of design possibilities. Whether you’re starting with a new space or redoing an existing one, it’s possible to create an environment that’s professional and still has plenty of personality. We think this is particularly true in Perth, given the vibrant, yet laid back, nature of the city.

While offices, restaurants and hotels each have specific needs, these tips for creating inviting commercial areas apply not only for office painting but across the board.

Show You Care About the Details

When clients and customers enter your space, they want to see that it’s well cared for. Paying attention to design details signals that you care about the details of your business as well. To this end, keep plants trim and healthy, ensure that furniture is comfortable and in good shape, and paint regularly for a fresh look.

Using professional painters is important here. A sloppy paint job will undermine an otherwise excellent design scheme.

Don’t Be Shy With Colour

Even if you want to create a formal, more conservative environment, you can be creative with colour. There is a large pallet of neutral shades to choose from, in addition to many variations of white. For spaces with a bit more pizzazz, try colour accents, or even whole walls of dynamic colours. Most businesses have colours in their logos, which can be incorporated into the design.

Design With Light

Lighting contributes significantly to atmosphere. Even if a lighting redesign isn’t in the works, keeping windows clean, replacing burned out bulbs, and brightening dark corners with additional fixtures can uplift a space.

When choosing paint colours, keep the lighting in mind. Colour looks different illuminated by natural light, compared to incandescent or fluorescent lighting.

Design With an Eye for Flow

How objects, like furniture, are arranged impact the appearance of a space, and also how it’s used. It should be easy to move around and perhaps have obvious paths through the space. A restaurant, for example, might want to arrange tables in such a way that it’s easy for diners to get to the bathrooms.

Take another example: An intimate furniture arrangement, with chairs and couches close together and facing each other, will foster group discussions in a company open area or hotel lobby. Spreading furniture out, and having it face in different directions, is better for people who want to read or work quietly. A mix of the two will create a variety of activity in the same space.

Paint colour also can contribute to flow. Giving certain walls an accent colour can lead the eye in a particular direction and make it easy to find an important area.

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