Perth Premier Painting – Painting and Decorating Tips

One of the most important things that determines how your home is going to look are the colours you put on the walls. Additionally, the interior of the home will have furniture, artwork, light fixtures, plants, decorative pieces etc. You need to make sure that all these elements come together to form a synergistic whole. It can be difficult to consider so many factors when decorating your home. So here are a few residential painting and decorating tips:

1. Colour Scheme

You need to make sure that you think of the overall colour scheme of your home. Everything comes in a colour, from sofa slipcovers to artwork. You don’t need to make sure that everything matches perfectly. In fact, this might not produce the exact effect you want and can end up looking too “matchy.” Instead, try to make sure that the colours in your home and on your walls complement each other.

2. The Focal Point

Most homes have a focal point i.e., the spot that the eye naturally turns to when you enter. Unfortunately, for many homes, the focal point is the TV! Why not create a different focal point in the form of a painting or a print that you love? For example, if you have a Jackson Pollock print in bright primary colours on one wall, you can echo the colours of that print around the home. Painting one wall a brighter colour than the rest can also produce an interesting focal point.

3. Pastels, Primary Colours, Dark Colours

In general, people tend to prefer pastels for the walls. The reason behind this is that lighter colours make a home look bigger and everyone likes to create a feeling of space. Darker colours, on the other hand, can make a place look smaller. However, if you’re trying to create a cozy atmosphere, you might want to use darker colours. Primary colours give a jolt to the nervous system and can keep you going when you’re feeling lethargic. So they’re a good choice (in limited amounts) for your home office.

4. Retro vs. Modern

The colours you choose to put on your walls are also going to be dependent on whether you’re going for a traditional or modern look. If your choices tend to be more retro, you probably love lace curtains, crocheted tablecloths, antique furniture etc. For this kind of interior, you can use pastels like pink, cream and lilac for your walls. If you prefer a more modern look with clean lines and lots of space, you might like ivory or cool blues and greens on your walls. Contact Us for more residential painting and decorating tips.